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Fit Studio

 Our fit studio truly is the hub of our business. With so much focus on fit, it’s no wonder that we were the first bike shop in the Capital Region to have a dedicated space for fitting, complete with a Serotta Size-Cycle as well as Serotta certified fitters on staff.

Whether you’re interested in a new bike, trying to maximize your comfort and efficiency on your current bike, or in need of a solution to on-bike discomfort, we have the appropriate fitting service to meet your needs. While some fitters treat the process like a kind of magic, only giving you the results but not explaining the process and methods, we feel that the experience itself is just as important as the results. Every aspect of the fit will be explained to you and you will just as involved with the process as the fitter.

Almost all of our fits are based on the Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI) method with the Serotta Size-Cycle. The SICI Fit is the ultimate bike fitting experience, and the best way to buy a new bike or solve fit issues on your current bike. Why? Because it’s the most complete method for bicycle fitting.  The SICI fit examines your personality, foot structure, flexibility, skeletal structure, and biomechanics. And because the Size-Cycle is essentially infinitely adjustable, we can find the optimum position your body needs to be in, rather than just the best position attainable on a particular bike.  For existing bike fits, we then replicate (as best we can) the position found on the Size-Cycle on your bike. As our fit studio is the hub of our business, the Size-Cycle Fit is the hub of our fit studio.

Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI) Fit Overview

The SICI fit starts with an in-depth interview in which the fitter gets to know you as a person. You will discuss what your feel your strengths and weaknesses are as a cyclist, as well as what your goals are, what your pertinent injury history is, what discomfort you experience on and off your bike, and what you want out of your bike. 

After the interview, the fitter will take some basic non-intrusive measurements including inseam length, shoulder width, and sits bone with. These measurements aid in initially setting up the Size-Cycle, as well as choosing the proper handlebar width and saddle. 

The process proceeds with a full foot evaluation, including toe-to-heel offset, forefoot varus/valgus, finding sub-talar neutral, and 6 actual measurements. Since the foot is the foundation of the fit, it is critical to properly support the foot to avoid injury, maximize efficiency, and ensure an overall proper bike fit.

Upon completion of the foot evaluation, your flexibility will be assessed. The flexibility assessment determines what your body’s normal range of motion is. The values for your range of motion are very important because if they are exceeded (on the bike) efficiency and comfort decrease while the risk of injury increases.

The remainder of the time during the fit is spent on the Size-Cycle dialing in your fit. Crank arm length, cleat position, saddle height, saddle fore/aft, cockpit length and handlebar height will all be determined and knee tracking will be addressed. At the conclusion of the fit, any information you may not understand will be explained, and all questions will be answered. If the fit is for an existing bike, recommendations will be made and addressed. If the fit is for a new bike purchase, recommendations on which frame geometry will be made, as well as explained. You will leave with a copy of the written portion of the fit information and recommendations.


Existing Bike Fit - $200

The Existing Bike Fit is based on the SICI fit. After determining your optimum dimensions through the fit, we will then replicate those dimensions as accurately as possible on your bike. This process takes upwards of two and a half hours. Some common changes include stem length, saddle, handlebar width, shoes, cleat shims, and shoe insoles. Materials to achieve proper fit are priced accordingly. (cleat shims and wedges, forefoot wedges, foot beds, stems, etc.).

Existing Triathlon Bike Fit- $250

This is the same process as our Existing Bike Fit, but specific to Triathlon bikes, or bikes with clip-on aero bars. Because of the additional time needed due to equipment, Triathlon fits take longer than road bike fits. Existing Triathlon Bike fits can take upwards of two and a half to three hours. Materials to achieve proper fit are priced accordingly (cleat shims and wedges, forefoot wedges, foot beds, stems, etc.).

New Bike Fit- $175

After determining your optimum dimensions through the SICI fit, we will then recommend models based on frame geometry and help guide you to which bike best meets your needs. The fit process takes approximately an hour and a half to two hours, with additional time being needed for bike selection.   

New Triathlon Bike Fit- $200

Because of the additional time needed due to equipment, Triathlon fits take longer than road bike fits. Triathlon fits can take upwards of two and a half hours.

Re-Evaluation Fit $100/hr

If you have been fit relatively recently, and are simply wishing to re-evaluate your fit due to minor body changes, our fitting services are available by the hour. Materials to achieve proper fit are additional (cleat shims and wedges, forefoot wedges, foot beds, stems, etc.).

Cleat Fit and Leg Alignment $75

This component of the Size-Cycle fit is also available separately. If you are experiencing knee pain or discomfort, or want to avoid this possibility, this service can help you. Cleat positioning is addressed first, then knee tracking is corrected by evaluating and supporting the lower body and feet. Materials to achieve proper fit are additional (cleat shims and wedges, forefoot wedges, foot beds, etc.).

Saddle Test Ride Program - $40

There’s no doubt about it, the saddle is one of the most important contact points on the body, and not only in terms of comfort. The saddle also supports the pelvis, which in turn determines knee tracking and alignment. That’s why we offer our Saddle Test Ride Program. For $40, you can try a saddle for a week. If you like the saddle and want to purchase it, we credit you $30 towards the saddle. If you need to try a different saddle, you can for just $10, and you still get the initial $30 credit towards a saddle purchase.

We don’t just grab a saddle and hand it to you to try, either. The saddle selection process starts with a non-intrusive sits bone measurement to ensure proper saddle width. Based on your needs and goals we will suggest a saddle shape that we feel will be best for you body. We install the saddle on your bike for you each time.

However, often times it is not the saddle that is the source of discomfort, but your positioning on the saddle is incorrect which can be remedied through the fitting process. Before you try a saddle we highly recommend getting a bike fit. The fit process includes saddle selection, and the saddle test ride program can be utilized in conjunction with a bike fit. We have seen in many cases that the saddle did not need to change, but the position did. The change in position also resulted in other comfort and performance increases.