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Triathlon Bikes


While we make the case that fit is the most important aspect of any bike, this is especially true for triathlon bikes due to the static nature of the riding position. You’re only aerodynamic when in your aero position, so your fit must accommodate your body in order to hold that position (also while eating and drinking!). That is why we are the best choice for your next triathlon bike purchase. As with our road and mountain bikes, each triathlon bike sale includes a basic triathlon fit. The basic fit includes time on a trainer* with cleat positioning, saddle height adjustment, saddle fore/aft adjustment, and cockpit length and height (which may include changing the stem for a different size). We can say with confidence that we spend more time making sure your new bike fits you.

The fit process can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, or more. If you’re shopping for a new bike, we highly recommend making an appointment with us. The store can get quite busy at times, and an appointment will ensure the best possible experience for you. You are always welcome to just stop in as well; we will always do our best to accommodate you.

In addition to the basic fit, we also offer complete and comprehensive Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI) fits for new triathlon bike purchases. Please visit our Fit Studio page for a complete description of the SICI fit.

Our fitting services are also available for your existing bike. Make the most out of your riding experience with a professional fit from a Serotta-certified fitter.


Why choose Blue Sky Bicycles for your next ride?

We fit every triathlon bike we sell. A bike purchase from Blue Sky Bicycles comes with a complementary basic fit (see options below). We can say with confidence that we spend more time making sure your new bike fits you.

Triathlon Bike Models under $3,000 include the complementary basic fit services:

Triathlon Bike Models between $3,000 and $4,999 include:

(available for purchases under $3,000 for a $100 charge)

Models above $5,000 include:

(available for purchases between $3,000 and $4,999 for a $100 charge, and for purchases under $3,000 for a $200 charge)


Triathlon Brands

Specialized Bicycles

Specialized is no stranger to aerodynamics; many have claimed world championships on Specialized Triathlon/Time Trial bikes. Fabian Cancellara has been crowned the World Time-Trial Champion on both the Transition and Shiv models, and Chris “ Macca” McCormack earned his space on the top of the podium at the 2010 Ironman World Championship on the Shiv. Come let Specialized’s R&D do some magic on your next PR.



Trek Bicycles

Trek stunned the triathlon/time-trial market with the release of their Speed Concept series last summer. As the most integrated bike on the market, it quickly rose to be #3 in the bike count at Kona, despite only being available for several months. Their exclusive Kamm-tail tube shapes are more efficient at yaw (angular wind) than a traditional aero tube shape, and the level of integration is incredible. Not to mention, they have a friendly geometry that’s easy to fit.



Where to start about Cervelo? How about being the #1 in the bike count at Kona year, after year, after year. This storied brand essentially defines the aero-bike market. We’re proud to represent Cervelo as part of our commitment to offering the world’s finest bikes. 


Parlee- Parlee is as devoted to triathlon as they are road bikes. Want proof? How about this: Parlee developed the first NACA section carbon-fiber aero frame (the TT). But even if a custom aero frame is not in your future, chances are you can get a great fit on a stock TT thanks to two available head tube lengths and their proprietary seat post, which is completely adjustable from 73 to 81 degrees of effective seat tube angle. Plus, they’ve designed it to have the famous ride quality of their road bikes.