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Shopping for a new bike can be a big challenge as well as a great deal of fun. Not only are there many different types of bikes (road, mountain, touring, hybrid & comfort) but there many places to buy a bike as well. With giant discount stores on one side and specialty retailers on the other, it’s hard to determine even where to shop for a bike, never mind selecting the one that meets your needs.

That’s where Blue Sky fits in. As one of the country’s Top 100 U.S. Bicycle Retailers, (selected in both 2005 and 2006 by trade associations, consumers and manufacturers) Blue Sky represents the best bicycle brands in the world because the store has proven to provide the most professional assembly, sales expertise and service in the Capital Region.

We have a beautiful store filled with the highest quality bicycles in the world. The sales staff has over 80 years of collective experience in the bicycle industry and all are professionally trained as bicycle fitters. We realize our primary responsibility is to listen to your needs and help select a bike that is appropriate for you.

The repair and assembly departments are also staffed with skilled, professional and certified mechanics. The Blue Sky Service Department focuses on each bike as if it were their own, and we pay attention to details large and small. The level of expertise and the range of repair offerings is unparalleled in the Capital Region. Whether you need your gears adjusted, a suspension system tuned, to simply air in your tires, you will find a helpful, friendly and competent person to assist you at Blue Sky Bicycles.


Types of Bicycles


A“road bike” refers to a bicycle with drop-style handlebars, 27” (the metric size equivalent is 700C) wheels and narrow tires. A road bike offers riders variable hand positions, a great range of gearing and a riding position that improves rider weight distribution. These features are key elements for comfort if you are looking to increase your ride lengths, tackle more challenging terrain or improve your average riding speed.

The variety of bicycles that fall under the general description “Road Bike” is wide indeed. With the help of Blue Sky’s qualified fit experts there is every reason to expect that you can find a road bike that fits your riding style, your physical proportions and your budget.




Mountain biking means different things to different people. For some the definition of an off-road ride is to head to the state park and hit the carriage trails. For others, off-road means 2-foot drop-offs, rocks, roots, and mile after mile of wooded terrain. The current shift to 29" wheels is well represented at our shop with both full suspension and hard tail models available.

No matter how you define mountain biking, there is a product manager at a bike company that has created a bike that fills your needs. Let how you define mountain biking be your guide in selecting a model that’s right for you.



Triathlon and Time Trial

Athletes of all levels are on the lookout for equipment that can help them go faster. When it comes to triathlon and time trialing that means finding a bike that can help you cheat the wind. And in addition to being positioned aerodynamically, the athlete needs to optimize power output and power transmission and be able to sustain that position. The selection of triathlon and time trial bikes offered at Blue Sky includes the top three brands in triathlon; Cervelo, Specialized, and Trek. Our product selection combined with our ability to fit and customize a bike to meet your needs will give you a solid competitive advantage when you head to the races.



Women's Specific Models

It's no surprise that women's bodies have different needs than mens. That's why we don't lump our women's bikes into the same category with the men's bikes. Our brands make women-specific models in road, mountain, triathlon, and recreational bikes, which we represent with our dedicated women's section. However, not all women are suited best on a women's bike, and our trained fitters can help you determine whether or not a women's bike is for you.




Fitness bikes, also known as flat-bar road bikes, have lots of the same great elements as a road bike - lightweight frame, fast wheels, tight, concise shifting but with more upright front end. The riding position is designed to give you some weight distribution but maintain an upright position for rider comfort and good peripheral vision. You get the speed and shifting precision of a road bike without getting into the lower front-end position of a true road bike.

While hybrid and comfort bikes share many of the same features, they do have different wheel sizes.  As the name suggests, hybrid bikes combine the wheel size of a road bike with the upright riding position of a mountain bike.

Comfort bikes are essentially a less aggressive mountain bike designed for light trail riding such as bike paths and carriage trails.  Comfort bikes usually have tires that are appropriate for riding both on the trails and on the pavement.

Both hybrid and comfort bikes have been designed with rider comfort in mind.  Suspension seat posts and wider saddles make sitting on the bike a pleasure.   Front suspension forks absorb much of the vibration from the road that would otherwise cause tiredness or even numbness in the hands.  Additionally the gear ratios are very wide, giving the cyclist a chance of getting up the even steepest hill. 

If you ride primarily on the pavement, the hybrid category will offer some good choices for you.  If however you can see yourself enjoying a light trail ride on a regular basis you should consider the versatility of the comfort bike.